Lean Agile London is the new name and format of the London Lean Kanban Days (LLKD) conference. Our current MVC (Minimum Viable Conference) now has a two tracks that will be packed with world-leading practitioners in their area of expertise.


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The Home of Scrum
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Flight Levels Academy

Agility beyond the team level

Community Supporters

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The wholehearted engagement model
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Red Tangerine

Agile and Lean Adventurers
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Equal Experts

Making Software. Better.
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The Familiar

Human-centred design and technology consultancy
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Lean Agile Brighton

Our partner conference in the South Coast of the UK
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Lean Agile US

Our partner conference in the US
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World's best agile & flow metrics tool


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Business Agility consultancy, coaching and training
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The Chartered Institute for IT